Just arrived from Faculty of Music.
Tengok diploma showcase.
Their part 6 student need to perform.
Ok yang I tgk tadi is for student  modern music. (i guess cz xfaham sgt bf ckp tadi)
Majoring in electric guitar.

So macam-macam la yg tgk tadi.
Actualy xramai pon yang buat showcase, ada la dalam 5 orang je.
But each of them perform 5 song.
So lama la.

Bf tolong his housemate in that showcase.
His housemate is Kamil, n he is my friend too.
So tadi my first time tengok bf perform.
Suka2! ;DD

Overall i love showcase by Kamil.
It is not because I know him or because bf tolong Kamil.
It just Kamil's showcase is one of the best.
Seronok dengar bunyi guitar.
And Kamil nyanyi pon sedap.
Lagu tajuk 'gravity' i guess.

From that showcase, I dah fall in love with one song.
La Bamba!
Heeeeee tetiba! 
Balik rumah terus download and sekarang tgh dengar.
Between the original song and yang di perform by music student tadi,
I think I prefer student tadi nyanyi.
Sweet je bila lagu tu jadi duet.
Vocal student yang nyanyi.
And duet with his bf plak.

Overall I suka lah tgk showcase.
I learn something from a different world.
Xla bosan sangat asyik2 menghadap notes and slide je macam kat my fac.

Next sem bf plak yang akan perform his own showcase.
Good luck in advance my lovely bf!
Love you much much!
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