Just woke up and switch on my lappy. Have nothing to write actually, but i do miss to update my blog. Adeyh! Ouh, the class still not started yet for some subject. But today ada 3 classes; takaful, islamic economic and ethnic relationship. 8pening sekejap* Something 'weird' since i'm in s.alam, I have no problem to wake up in the morning. Sedangkan masa cuti sem, bangun tdo pun ala2 duduk kat London gitu. Ntah ke mana siang, ke mana malam.

For BEL422 class, we gonna meet A.P THEVY again. Aiyooooooo scary la. Wont forget her trademark, 'rubbish'. Erk! Btw, sara and me have discussed yesterday and perhaps we will change our group. I have no problem at all! Like it! But maybe will mix with other courses lah. Xkesah, as long as the lecturer is not thevy! ;P

And even already 3 days the new sem start, I still did not meet Sara, Fara, Kecik and some other close friend yet. Sara datang UiTM for society meeting then goin back to gombak. Farah plak, lost in heaven. Ntah mana2 ntah. Aishhh..

And yesterday night, baru dapat jmp kesayangan. Tu pon sekejap due to our packed schedule. Zaty said 'bercinta ngn orang yg belajar kemahiran ni, AD ke, music ke, kena byk sabar....'. Yelah, memang sabar. Cannot meet him everyday, even a week pon once or twice je. Kol or msg pon sangat xslalu. Waaaaaaaaaa!!! But thank God, we still can faced this kind of problem. I appreciate all the things you do for this relationship sayang. ;)

Okeyh, on9 actually utk tgk my cafe je. Daaaaaaaa!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hahaha..ko dpt thevy ke??hehee..aku pnah blajr ngn die time aku asasi..aku sgt fhm knpe nk tukar la tukah ;p hahaha