Every single action we take, please do not forget that we are not all alone in this world. Peoples do need each other. Yes, we are different, but the differences is the main thing that unite us. If it is not, life will be super bored and things gonna be the same, day by day. Xseronok nanti.

Appreciate, thats the word. Understanding, thats another alphabet.

If you ask me to understand your situation, I will do my very best to satisfied you. But please make me feel I am exist in your world. Love doesn't mean anything without respect. So please do respect my feeling to. If I'm willing to try to satisfied you, why don't you take an effort to understand my feeling? Is it that hard?

I'm not asking for money. I'm not searching for a super man to be with me. I just need a person who appreciate me. Give me a little time in your every single days. 5 minutes phone call is more than enough for me. One sms per day just to say you are in good condition will make me smile. Or at least, pick up my phone call. Is it me who asking too much?

Give and take. Give and take. Give and take.

Frustrated. Fullstop.
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