Now I realize, I'm not a person who can control my anger. Cannot handle my own self when I'm stressed. Too much problem currently, and I'm CHANGED. Totally changed. I do realized, I'm not the Nisa who laugh everyday. I miss myself. The previous Nisa.

Too much thing too handle and I'm failed. Bad leader is it?

I do need someone to talk. Someone to advice. Someone who can understand my situation. I'm tired with this. Lotssssss of work, esp the society's event, assignment, presentation, etc sometime make me lost in my own world.

And there's a lot of people out there I do need to ask for apologizes. Family especially, friends and so on. Haih. Problems, please go away. I'm not that tough to handle you lah.....

One thing, I'm so sorry dearest Syazwan. Lately asyik nak bergaduh je kan, kalau boleh hari2 nak marah. Semua benda tak puas hati. Haihhh~

This is exactly not me. I'm stressed and I'm changed. I'm lost again.
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