It's hard sometimes to understand people. And even harder when we didnt understand ourself....

Yeah, this is life. The expectation is too high. Always wanted the best. All we need is to be 'the best'.

Rasa nak muntah. I'm tired of this 'the best'. Serious letih!

'Best' student.
Result kena bagus. Jangan ada fail. Jangan ada repeat.

'Best' daughter/son.
Don't obey your parents even once. Dengar cakap org tua. Jadi mcm ni. Buat macam tu. The do and dont's.... Even it's not our wish and desire....

'Best' person.
Be a god person lah. Berjaya dalam hidup. Hidup senang. As xbleh gagal because our mind was set utk berjaya, bukan gagal. Failure is loser? Argh!

'Best' partner.
I understand you. I'll do as you wish. I know how to handle you. I know what you want. Everything, n bla bla bla. Ah, letih!

And other 'the best'. We live in that 'the best' world.....

Penat! It's not tired because I am weak, but when we can't be as other's demand, mulalah macam2. Anger, disapointed, and so on. Nobody's perfect. But everybody have their own feeling, that is need utk dijaga by peoples around. Ah, susah!

But need to be strong even it is beyond our strength.
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