I dunno where and how to start. Today, totally miserable. How I wish I'm far from the place I stay currently. Stressed. Yes, that's the word. STRESS.

When it comes to family, I can't do anything. I'm trying very hard to accept the condition, situation and all those emotion. And now, I'm tired, totally tired. Please.

I forced myself. I'm trying. To give my very best to satisfied other. Already give whatever I can, but if it is not the thing that wish for, what more can I do? I'm trying to understand, but pls do understand me too. I have my own life, need, plan and etc. But I just simply forget all those thing. Because of family. Family. I'm not asking for money for the thing I've done. Or any appreciation. Just stop complaining. Already gave my very best. And I'm tired.

I know I cant live under this situation anymore. But I need to. Family comes first kan. Arghhhh
Stress. Yeah I do.

Then I wish for someone who can understand. How I'm forcing myself. Not ask to treat me like a princess, all you need to do is hear me. Arghhh how far you can hear me as you have your own life and interest rite? No matter who you are, bf, bff or anybody, will you ready in EVERYTIME I need, to hear? Simple, the answer is NO kan?

Attention and time. Even you have it, bla bla bla obstacle plak lah. Huuu so then you can't hear what I'm trying to say. How I need you. To hear at least. Yeah, I need to understand you. You have your own agenda. See, one more time, I'm the one who need to understand people!

I'm tired. And how I wish I'm far from all those situation. We'll see long I can live in this 'song'.

*btw thanks mom for the short fb chat just now. lega sikit.

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