It's hard to know what is exactly people's perception on us. Some seem very nice, some are just ok and so on. I've learn a lot about 'don't judge a book by it's cover'. He/she may act superb in front, but they are the real enemy. A bestfriend can just simply change to foe. A boyfriend become nightmare. Who knows?

There's a quote; 'Maybe God put some bad people in you life, so when the right one come, you'll be thankful'. Yeah, it mean so much to me. It teach how to appreciate. To learn by experience. To built a relationship. To be a better person. Teach & learn.

I identify many types of human. Some are quite sincere. But I cannot force myself to just simply accept them entering my life. It seem selfish and egoistic, but I'm just the way I am. It's not about throwing a friend, but should I give a fake smile while my heart crying? A big NO.

Some man are nice. Some are pretending to be nice. Some are hypocrite. Some are protective. Some are just better to be friend. That's why I said, I've learn a lot. Cries, laugh, dump, tears and hurt become common. But that's life rite? It's about learning. Thousand thanks to all for teach me, and make me become who am I now.

And because of the bad people, I learn how to appreciate those who sincere. And because of badness in myself, I learn how to accept people as he/she is. Nobody is perfect, but we can learn to be better rite? ;)
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