Just finished my final exam yesterday. Arghhhhh lega! 4 days exam, without any gap, mcm hell! But now, HEAVEN!! phew~

Thanks to all, especially Sara, Farah, Kecil, Ain Don, Ain Din, Nunun, Mai and others for bringing me a wonderful odour in life. Guys, you help me a lot, especially under the super duper tense day! Thanks sayang! ;)

Yeah...we learn about friendship. It's about appreciate, thanking, GIVE n TAKE, sincerity, honest and being humble.

Once you r my friend, we are friend.

We come here, we learn to be a friend. It's not about using each other, hypocrite, selfish and being rude.

Friendship is not money. It's a pure l.o.v.e.

....and apologized.

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