It's always about 'feeling'. How we want people to understand us. How people consider on our condition and situation. The problems and conclusions. But, sometimes we forget the most important part. We want people to know how it feel, but we totally ignore other people feeling.

That's life. Consideration. Understanding. Smile. Tears. And all about it. I learn a lot. Fulfill other people wish and hope, but at the same time i'm the one who hurt. Family, friends, loved one, foe and so on.

Family comes first. In everything, family, family and family. Nothing beat them. It just what they wish is not our hope. Even far from our interest and plan. How could I disappoint them. But then i'm the one who'll feel it! Arghhhh Yeah, in between, but the right path in our hand actually. It's family. Buat baik dibalas baik kata mak... *cheers* ;)

Friends.... Some are born to be a great complainer perhaps. Keep criticizing. You are the one who always right. I'm tired. Hoping people understand on you. Only. At same time you refused to consider on others. Come out with so many words and talk. And dissent. It's ok, we are different. But I hate when you just think about you, you and yourself. So that when we faced that problem, simply you just ignoring other's explanation. And people must hear you. Hey hey! You want people to consider on you, but you never want to do the same right? not that perfect person. I may do the same. But I always try to consider, consider and considering people. Arghhhh! Mior cakap, jgn asyik nampak salah orang je. Cermin diri tu sket. Btol lah tu. Bila banyak sangat masalah yang datang, there must something wrong in our self. Mak cakap, 'if we cannot change the situation, change ourself'. Hear it friend. I just want the best for you, me and us.

And understand the loved one. Aiyooo this may the hardest part, challenging, but I love it! When two person, from two different world, trying to enter another world, as one. You, with your own way. Your own perception. Me, with my own preferences and principal. And the relationship is blow by the loved wind. Hiks! Sometimes its hard for us to satisfied each other. Different opinions. Attention. Cares. TIME. Busy. And so forth. Then how we managed it to come out with the right solution. And I love when we trying very hard to understand each other. Giving our best. Thanks baby! Accepting other as he/she is. That's the key. ;)

So, it is it.
Life, about understanding people around.
Also, hoping they consider on us.
Cheer up girl!
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