Just arrived from hospital. Grandma need sort of blood test and bla bla bla. Ouh, nenek baru discharged from ward last Saturday due to her illness.

What make me mad was the bureaucracy at the hospital. Government hospital huh? Sucks! The system was sooooooo bad!

The nurses and staffs are ok. Baik2 je. But the system, arghhhh. By 7.50am my grandma and I already at the hospital. Register, tu pon nurse cakap 'nak cari kad dulu'. Then we wait for the 'blood test room' to open. Adalah 10 minutes tggu. Then the nurse mention that we need to wait for 2 hours for the result. Ha??? Damn! Grandma is 78 already, n she need the oxygen gas. But the hospital did not provide it. Oxygen machine ada kat rumah, xboleh nak bawah cz xde power supply.

At first after blood test, we need to wait to check grandma's 'bp'. Blood pressure if im not mistaken. Again, wait! Lama lah jugak. Then the nurse said that we need to wait again utk jmp doctor. Again? Shit! Tggu tggu tggu! It's ok for me to wait, but grandma? Without oxygen supply? Ouh!

One more, harap je bagi no giliran. Tapi panggil xikut turn pon. What the hell. By 10.40, nenek dah xlarat, so my brother and I complain and ask them to make it fast. After that barulah nurse sibuk amik result blood test and so on. Wth???

Haih.....what system they used? Again. System. Serabut. Machine rosak la, no xikut urutan la. Paling xtahan tu registeration counter 'nak cari kad'. Adoyyy!! Health center kat UiTM xde pakai kad2 pon makcik. Xde data system ke? Menyusahkan.

Come on!!! Government need to do something on this. We should have 1st class hospital. This is about health ok. Super important. No need the stupid bureaucracy system. Sucks!
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