Batul cakap Zam, I need to stop depending on other people. "You kena blaja jadi independent Nisa...". Yeah.. You are right Zam...

But, is it wrong to count on people when it come to SAFETY??? Not talking about Zam, but I feel *lost*
(is it the right word?)

I'm only a girl who need someone protection at least. Somebody who can accompany me. In case anything happen, at least there's somebody I can count on, which is YOU...*sigh*

'Kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan'. Look like sekarang saya dah penat merancang, prefer aje lah pada ketentuan...

Hurm..yeah... This situation make me realize, people have their own path, own world and own way... The promises and planning are hardly unite between the two different path... That's what we called ambiguous and uncertainty.

-dissapointed, NISA-
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  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. NisaHEBAT Says:

    yep..nk redah lah ni
    frust aku planning last minute cancel.
    i kena balik sensorang

  3. Anonymous Says:

    gile sadis ko..

  4. NisaHEBAT Says:

    aku pon rasa gila sadis gak arh.
    tapi xpe, aku kan miss independent

  5. Anonymous Says:

    ko buat ku gelak tergolek..

  6. NisaHEBAT Says:

    ko buat aku mencarut tergolek2