This is the real life... Many thing had happened, is happening and will happen. Sometimes, we never expect the thing will come or the thing will go. Everything is on our own. Either we want to think about it or we don't. We are matured (need to be) enough to live in this world... People betray you, people leave you, people cheat on you, people hate you, and bla bla bla... It will make you sad, angry, revenge to other and so on... But, when people love u, give u present, treat you nicely, u are surely feel happy, appreciated and all those great feeling.

Hurm... Friend... While I'm in my hometown for the semester break, I used to met my bestfriend. FriendS...Best FriendS... A little bit dissapointed I felt on one of them. It is like that friend did not interested to join me and others to spend the whole day for our friendship. Bla bla bla as the reason. Ok, fine, we accept it. But when it come to something to make that friend easier, that friend come to me, ask from me. It is just like using me... *sigh*

That's why we said, 'kawan ketawa ramai, kawan menangis susah nak dapat'. Nvm, that is life. Up to us how we accept things happen... If u accept it negatively, u will feel bad. If u accept it positively, u will feel great. There's no point to remember the past, just to draw the sadness... Don't think about tomorrow because it is still disguise. The most important thing is, seizing the day maximizely. Make every minute like thousand days, every hour as thousand years.

It's you who determined your life. U want it to feel great, u'll feel great. If u want to feel sad, u'll feel sad. Remember, peoples, (friends, partners and enemy) will come and go. Once they come, prepare lah for the time they'll go from you...

One thing remain forever, only the MEMORIES...=)
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