Life getting strange... At this moment, feel that i'm teribbly missing someone damn much. Miss the way that someone smile, the voice (especially when that someone say my name, it sound so sweet!), miss the way that someone look at me, the hugs and kisses....

Ouchhh pity me. That someone used to be someone who really care about me. But now, that someone dont care anymore..anymore... I wish i could hate that someone damn much. Let that someone dissapeared. Hope that someone go... But, day by day, I miss that someone, more and more, much and much... Arghhh what an unfair life!

How can I decide what's right? I've trying to replace that someone with someone else. But, it is not as simple as ABC. No easy as 123... It's hard when it's about heart...

Dear God, help me... My life is miserable... When I saw that someone smile, I'm asking myself, 'why cant u smile with me...' When I heard that someone voice, my heart say, 'ohhh i wish u talk to me dear..' And what hurt most, when I saw that someone laugh with someone else, I'm asking to myself 'why dont u laugh with me anymore...'

Ouchhh as it hard to accept u, it is harder to forget u. I wish I could turn back time and rebuild our relationship. But, what past is past....

"Our melody, Our memories and Our pictures..."
10 Responses
  1. maiSarah Says:

    the hugs and kisses....????

  2. Anonymous Says:

    sometimes bile kite da lost someone..
    kite kne ready yg someone tu xkan treat kite cam dulu lg..
    mmg hati sgt sakit,perit n rindu..
    tp ap yg kite leh wat?
    yg ko leh watjust bertahan melihat someone tu jd begitu..
    x pun ko trus trang kat dye wut ur feeling rite now..
    mane tau tah2 dye pun rase bgitu..
    rase khilangan org yg dye syg gak??
    who knows rite?

  3. NisaHEBAT Says:

    yes sara
    i agree
    that someone mmg xtreat like before
    that's hurt most...
    bterus terang?heee no no no
    i dun think dat someone feel the same la sara...
    i knw dat sumone..
    yang sakit adalah apabila keadaan berubah
    perubahan yang tak kita mintak..
    susah nk terima
    but by hook or by crook, accept jela..
    tuhan sedang menguji...

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ur rite nisa..
    kite mmg kne rima ngan ati yg terbuka..
    sbb sume yg terjadi ad hikmah disbaliknyer..
    so trima ngan ati yg terbuka..

  5. NisaHEBAT Says:

    yep sara
    ada orang cakap kat aku
    "tuhan xkan uji umatnya yang xabar"
    so, yup, insan2 terpilih!
    hope suma ni beri hikmah
    mungkinkah Tuhan nk temukan dengan someone better?
    ouchhhh cant wait!!(ayat gatal)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    aku punnnnn!!!!!
    x saba2...

  7. NisaHEBAT Says:

    sama2 tggu!
    sape dulu!

  8. maiSarah Says:

    xnk kalah kn ngan ayat menggelabah ko!

  9. NisaHEBAT Says:

    sebenanye, dari dlu aku xpaham "menggelabah" ni
    menggelabah 2 mende?
    explain sket