Starting my new life, with the new me, new and new. Forgetting the past, the bullshit, or everything. Just got new spirit, from those people who care about me. I am the way I am. People, most of them are just like the poker face..very unpredictable. Anytime, they will dump you...

Loser. Am I?
4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    u' re not the loser..
    i'm sure..
    we're both are not loser..
    just wanna forget the past that really2 hurt us..
    u have me..
    n i have u..
    don't wori..
    starting the new life..
    get a life my dear!~

  2. NisaHEBAT Says:

    trying very hard

  3. untebetine Says:

    thats my girl!
    new u!
    welcome to the real world! =)

  4. NisaHEBAT Says:

    yeah...thx to untebetina for ur 'ceramah pagi2 buta'. hahahhaha appreciate it.